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Wexford Irish Cream Ale -- Greene King Brewing (Bury St. Edmunds, England)

Since when does a small town in East Anglia get to pass itself off as the southeast of Ireland, claiming to use a recipe dating back to 1810?  Again, "truth in advertising" counts for something.  Putting aside that issue, I did enjoy the beer... very much like a Boddington's, including the nice pressurized widget can.

Characteristics: Smooth gold color and a persistent head emerging after the nitrogenized pour; smooth flavor somewhere between the tang of a red and the flat (yet refreshing) of a pilsener: light body despite the appearance. 

Minor Gripes: Working from memory, I can't distinguish this in any way from Boddington's, other than the misidentified origin (noted above).  It's also not immediately different from my memories of Kilkenney Ale (another beverage I'd like to find stateside) or even Genesee Cream Ale (though Genny doesn't have the widget, of course).

Bottom Line: Did I mention how smooth this beer is? 

Rating: 5.75 / 10 (docked a quarter-point for fraud)


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